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Purpose of the Building Standards Law in Japan

This is the first blog fo the English-speaking world.

Hello! My name is Yamaken.

I working as a first class architect in Japan.

Then I explain a purpose of the Japanese Building Standard Law promptly.

Purpose of the Building Standards Law

The Japanese Building Standards Law stipulates minimum standards for buildings from the viewpoint of protecting the lives and property of the people.

[Article 1(Purpose)]
The purpose of this law is to set minimum standards for building sites, structures, facilities and uses, to protect people’s lives, health and property, and to contribute to increased welfare.

In Japan, there are many earthquakes, so there is a standard for building structures to withstand earthquakes.

In addition, the Building Standards Law has several methods for controlling the city, and is closely related to the Urban Planning Law.

Standards for building structures are specified in laws, government ordinances, ministerial ordinances, and ministerial notices.

Basically, it cannot be easily understood by non-professionals. For that reason architect will design a building to conform with the law.

This is my first post, so it’s short, but ends here. This time, I explained the purpose.

I will publish the English version of the article little by little, so Please visit again! If you like.

Photo by Owen Lystrup on Unsplash

【資格】1級建築士、建築基準適合判定資格者、宅建士など 【実績・現在】元役人:建築・都市計画・公共交通行政などを10年以上経験 / 現在は、まちづくり会社を運営:建築法規・都市計画コンサル,事業所の立地検討,住宅設計など