Definition of building in Japanese law

・What is the definition of building in Japan?

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Definition of Building

First, I will tell you what is contents in the Building Standards Law.

[Building Standard Law, Article 2 (definition of terms)]
Structures that are fixed to land and have roofs and pillars or walls (Including those of similar structure.), gates or walls attached to them, structures for viewing, or offices, stores, entertainment halls, warehouses and other similar facilities (Excluding facilities for operational safety on the railway track site, overbridge, platform, storage tanks and similar facilities.) installed in underground or elevated structures, and include building equipment.

This is not easy to understand, so the summary is as follows!

Building (Structures (1) to (4) fixed on ground)
Roof +Pillar, Roof + Wall (including those of similar structure)
Gate or fence included to ⑴
Structures for viewing
Offices, stores, entertainment venues, warehouses, and similar facilities built within elevated structures

(1)In, a building has roofs + columns or roofs + walls and is fixed to the ground. This is an example of the most common buildings.

(2)If there is a gate or a wall in the site of a building, the gate or the wall is also a building.
However, if there is no building in the building site, the gate and the fence are not buildings.

(3)or (4) is a rare example.

Buildings that do not fall under the category of buildings under the Act

Buildings that do not fall under the category of buildings are “Safety facilities, viaducts, platforms, storage tanks, etc., in the railway site”.

From the ticket gate of the station to the inside of the station (platform, etc.) does not apply to buildings. Even if it ’s a building.


The definition of a building in the Building Standards Law of Japan is that even if it looks like a building at a glance, there are cases where it does not fall under the category of a building as defined by law.

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