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Building confirmation before starting construction work

This time, it is called the building confirmation (Check), and it is an introduction of the building which needs the confirmation of the building official.

Hello! My name is Yamaken.

Read this article.
Then you will be able to understand the definition of “building” in Japan.

Now, let me explain.

What buildings require verification (Check) before they can be built?

Regarding the construction in Japan, depending on the scale and purpose of the building and the area to be built, there are cases where building confirmation is required and cases where it is not required.

The area changes depending on whether it is outside or inside the city planning area.

In addition, the size and use of the facilities depends on the floor space and the use by many and unspecified number.

Buildings are classified into Nos. 1 to 4.
In addition, if it is outside the city planning area, only No 4 does not require a building check (excluding areas where there is a risk of landslides).

The reason for excluding areas with a risk of landslides is that for areas with a risk of landslides, there are restrictions on the structure of buildings and detailed checks by building official are required.

Article 6, Paragraph 1 of the Building Standards Act Architectural feature Scale of buildings, etc.
Buildings listed in item 1 Special building A building used for many unspecified purposes with a total floor area of ​​more than 200 square meters
Buildings listed in item 2 Large wooden building ・ More than three stories in wooden buildings
・ Ones with a floor area exceeding 500 m2
・ Building height exceeding 13 m or eave height exceeding 9 m
Buildings listed in item 3 Buildings other than wooden structures Non-wooden structures with 2 floors or more or with a floor area exceeding 200 m2
Buildings listed in item 4 Small building Buildings other than those listed above (General detached houses, etc.)

These 4 classifications are related to the structural regulations of buildings prescribed in Article 20 of the Building Standards Law.

However, this article will take a long time, so I’d like to write about it next time.

Summary of this article

Buildings are divided into four categories.

As for Building 4, we explained that confirmation by the building official is not necessary in principle if it is outside the city planning area.

Small-scale buildings outside city planning areas are not checked because, unlike buildings in urban areas, they have little impact on the surrounding area in the event of fire or earthquake.

As a cautionary note, there is no need for building confirmation, but you need to comply with the law.

That’s all for this article. I hope it helps.

【資格】一級建築士、一級建築基準適合判定資格者、宅建士など 【実績・現在】元国と地方自治の役人:建築行政・都市計画行政・公共交通行政・まちづくりなどを10年以上経験 / 現在は、地元でまちづくり会社を運営し、都市に関わるコンサルタントや住宅設計、執筆活動を行っています。