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Standard of ceiling height of house [Regulation in Japanese law]

Understand the rules for the distance (height) from the floor to the ceiling of houses and buildings used by people.

Hello. It is Yamaken! !

In general, when you build a house, you care about the height of the ceiling.I will explain the standard in Japan, so I would appreciate it if you could read this article and understand the ceiling height.

I will explain.

Ceiling height is more than 2.1m

As long as you do not building in Japan, you do not need to know what is stipulated in the law. As a little preliminary knowledge, it is enough to remember that specific numbers are listed in the enforcement order rather than the law.

In conclusion,

The ceiling height of residential rooms (excluding warehouses, toilets, baths, etc.) is 2.1 m or more.

If the interior ceiling heights are different, the average height should be at least 2.1 m.

[Article 21 of the Building Standards Law Enforcement Order (Height of ceiling in room that people use continuously)] 1 The ceiling height of room that people use continuously shall be 2.1 m or more.
2 The ceiling height in the preceding paragraph shall be measured from the floor of the room, and if there is a portion with a different ceiling height in one room, the average height shall be used.

t’s 2.1 meters, but it’s quite low for Japanese men because it reaches to the ceiling when they reach out.Probably, in the case of people from overseas, it may feel very low.

In general, ceiling heights are often 2.3 to 2.5 m, so if you are higher, you will feel open, and if lower, you will feel oppressive. In countries where the average height is high overseas, plus 0.2m is just right. Each ceiling has its strengths and weaknesses, so you need to decide for yourself after consulting with the architect.

Summary of ceiling height by my dogmatic and prejudiced

Ceiling height (CH)


Low ceiling height
(More than 2.1m and generally less than 2.2m)
・ Construction costs are reduced compared to a typical ceiling-height house. ・ The ceiling height may be low and you may feel oppression.
High ceiling height
(Approximately 2.7m or more)
・ I feel a sense of openness due to the high ceiling. ・ Construction costs tend to be higher than those for houses with typical ceiling heights.
・ Maintenance of electrical equipment may be difficult.

* Depending on the shape of the roof and the method of finishing the ceiling, the way people feel the height of the ceiling differs from person to person.

○ If the ceiling height is low, there is a feeling of oppression, but there is also an advantage that the amount of building materials can be reduced, the air volume of the ventilation equipment can be kept low, and the construction cost can be reduced.

○ If the ceiling height is high, a feeling of openness is felt, but the construction cost tends to be high.


That’s it for this blog post. I’m glad if you can use it as a reference. See you~

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